What is this all about?

For at least ten years, my presence online has included first a blog, IDoOilpainting.com and then www.BrushesandPigments.com. Both blogs dealt with my thoughts and research on art especially oil painting. Like all things, I begin again with a new blog: huesandvalues.com , hosted by GoDaddy. This time there will be more about the nature of color especially painting.

Definition of Hue: when talking about color, hue is a technical term for pure colors, like red, blue, green. Hue also describes a mixture of two pure colors like red-yellow is orange. 

Tint, tone, shade, saturation are other terms used in color theory. More on those terms later.

Definition of Value: what it is worth, such as lightness value, luminance value, or saturation value in color properties. Value measures human qualities too like empathy or courage.