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Avant Garde Artists: Pussy Riot


“The work of art is a scream of freedom”    Christo


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Words have so many nuances and meanings. Pussy Riot, the feminist punk protest group, comprises pussy and riot. Both words incite responses that may lean toward insult and violence or the love and respectful interpretations current in the feminist movement. The Pussy Riot, though, is from Russia  and doing brave protest against Putin, whom they know and experience as a dictator. Maria Alyokhina, a member of Pussy Riot, joined the Solidarity SingAlong in singing labor and protest songs on the lawn of the capitol of Wisconsin in November 2016. A video of thanks to Pussy Riot for their support of The Singers during the capitol police crackdown shows how seriously this group takes the freedoms of democracy even to threats in the United States.

With eleven women of the ages 20-33, this Russian Punk protest group began August 11, 2011. Their purpose is to produce “unauthorized provocative guerrilla theater in unusual public places. What they uphold as dear is feminism, LGBT rights, and oppositions to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Their actions speak to the absurd side of the theater and are very provocative. Using videos to post on the Internet is their powerful means to worldwide communication.  “Punk Prayer” is short-hand for a video of their action in March 2012 at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ The Savior. “Mother of God, Put Putin Away” is the name of this video where three members of Pussy Riot: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich charged in front of the Orthodox altar dancing as they sang “Punk Prayer”.

Lyrics of Punk Prayer: from  http://www.The

 Become a feminist, become a feminist! Become a feminist                                            The Church praises rotten leaders feminist,                                                                  The march of the cross consists of black    The march of the cross consists of black  limousines   

Black frock, golden epaulets, Parishioners crawl bowing.  The Virgin’s belt won’t replace political gatherings  Freedom’s ghost (to) heaven A gay-parade sent to Siberia in shackles.*****

We pray thee Become a feminist  A preacher is on his way to your school  We pray thee  Go to class and give him money  Patriarch Gundyay(Kirill) believes in Putin Virgin birth-giver of God, drive away Putin.  Would be better, the bastard, if he believed in God. Drive away Putin, drive away Putin!

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